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Our concept

The culinary concierge service is an innovative service for companies concerned about the comfort of their employees. Our concierges are specialists in corporate catering. From the beginning, a concierge will be assigned to you, after a study of your needs, he will help you to set up a tailor-made solution. Whether it's setting up a cafeteria, delivering snacks and drinks or creating a lunchtime catering service, your concierge will offer you the best solution that will correspond to the philosophy of your company.

Barista au travail

Snacks and drinks

Your concierge will offer you a range of solutions, from installing hot and cold vending machines to setting up a real cafeteria in your company.

Barista au travail

Catering solutions

From the transformation of a meeting room into a lunchtime restaurant, to the creation of a company restaurant, your concierge will take care of setting up the project and coordinating everything for you.

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